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Crude Oil Surges Most Since 1991 Gulf War: Was the Drone Attack Really to Blame?

On Friday, September 13 -- before the attack on Saudi oil processing -- Commodity Junctures editor Jeffrey Kennedy forecast the move higher in crude prices. See the chart and forecast for yourself.

"First Time Ever" in 40 Years of Investing History

An increasing number of investors view index funds as an easy way to participate in financial markets. But, in EWI's view, such an approach will offer ultimate disappointment. Here’s why…

"Throwback" and "Pullback": 2 High-Confidence Price Patterns Worth Knowing

Besides Elliott wave patterns, there are other configurations in price charts that you can put to good use. While most of them can be described in terms of Elliott waves, in this video our Trader's Classroom editor shows you two that he calls "throwback" and "pullback." Watch.

Stronger Euro: Another "Brexit Surprise"?

While the news in Europe is dominated by Brexit developments, the euro has been quietly getting stronger. First, against the U.S. dollar. Soon, against the British pound. Discover why in this free video.

U.S. Dollar: Why Bulls May Soon Get Disappointed

As early as Q1 2018, Elliott wave patterns in price charts of the U.S. Dollar Index told us to expect stronger dollar. Now, the waves are telling us to expect a major shift. See why in this video by our Chief Currency Strategist -- and be sure to join us on September 19-26 for our Open House event, when you can read our Pro Services forecasts free for 1 week.


See Why This Key Stock Is at a "Very Precarious Juncture"

Since the start of this bull market in 2009, the London Stock Exchange Group's stock has done very well: It's up 20x, thank you very much. It's also up almost 100% over the past year. So, why worry? Watch this free video for an eye-opening answer.

Spotting a "Tired" Look in the U.S. Long Bond

Many observers of the U.S. government bond market expected "concerns about the global economy" to continue to "fuel" a persistent rally. Those economic worries are still making headlines, but something has happened with the rally in 30-year Treasuries. Take a look at these two charts...


Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS: How "Truncations" Alert You to Big Trend Changes

Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor show you examples of recent truncations in Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. You'll also discover what's likely next for EOS.

Dow Industrials: "Fear to Complacency in a Blink"

The character of the stock market can change rapidly. That's why it's important to stay on top of the unfolding Elliott wave pattern and other market indicators. For example, one key indicator has just undergone a "swift reversal," as this chart shows...


Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Triangles Are Everywhere! (NYSE: TSN)

You've seen those moments on price charts. First, the price swings wide. Then it swings more narrowly. Then the sideways swings get smaller and smaller, until... boom! Prices spike.

USDJPY at 5-Week Highs: This Is NOT a Market “Moved by Trade Talks”

On September 10, the U.S. dollar soared to a 5-week high against the Japanese yen. In fact, the USDJPY rally has been consistent since August 26. Analysts blamed the yen weakness on its “reduced safe-haven appeal” due to the lack of any consistency in the U.S.-China trade talks. So, how could the latter be the cause of the former? Answer: It can't. We have a good idea of what can.

To Brexit, or Not to Brexit: Find Order in the Chaos

The news out of the United Kingdom is almost as volatile as the markets. Yet if we step back, we can see some order in the disarray. Watch to discover how a socionomic perspective allows us to understand Britain's 2016 vote to leave the EU, the drama that has unfolded since and the prospects for another "exit" in the UK that reveals just how deep the kingdom's divisions go.

A Glaring Display of the Financial Crowd's "Madness"

History provides glaring examples of financial "madness" among investors, including the South Sea Bubble of 1720. What does this have to do with 2019? These two charts help explain …

Dollar General: Seeing the Bullish Trend BEFORE Q2 "Crushed" It

Dollar General's Q2 earnings report published Aug. 29th: Yet two weeks earlier, Trader's Classroom showed a bullish Elliott Wave set-up on DG's price chart. See it now in Chart of the Day.

How (Not) to Track Copper Prices Using U.S.- China Trade Talks

If you want to know where copper prices are headed, check the pulse of the U.S.-China trade war -- right? Well, that's what mainstream analysis tells you. But when copper prices topped in mid-July, and then bottomed on September 3, trade talks were all over the map. Elliott wave analysis, however, foresaw both turns with time to spare.

Flo Rida vs. Lil Nas X: What Pop Music Tells You About Stocks

What can you learn about the coming stock market trends by tracking popular music styles? A lot! Watch the co-editor of our monthly Financial Forecast examine pop music hits over time and show you the implications for investors.


Chinese Yuan: 1 Month Ago vs. Today

As you know, the Chinese yuan has been getting weaker vs the U.S. dollar. But is the Chinese government behind the weakness -- or something else? Watch our Asian-Pacific opportunities expert give you some unconventional answers.


United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS): "I like this chart!"

Our Trader's Classroom editor, Jeffrey Kennedy, selects certain Flash alerts to record a short video that explains the market setup. See for yourself inside this ACTIVE Flash opportunity video for United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS: NYSE).