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S&P E-mini Traders: How Elliott Waves Help You Stay Nimble

Every trader knows the pain of getting in… and watching the market go against you. Elliott wave analysis gives you a unique ability to quickly reverse your market view -- and your position. Watch our U.S. Intraday Stocks Pro Service editor show you how.

India’s Nifty 50: Does the Bad Jobs Outlook Spell Trouble for Stocks?

Many investors believe that economic news has an effect on the stock market. But a review of financial history shows that this just isn’t so. Consider India’s “jobs crisis” and the behavior of India’s key stock market index, the Nifty 50.


Dash: How to Anticipate a Turn

Cryptocurrency Dash rallied 261% over the past couple of months. Watch our Crypto Opportunity Month guide show you how to use the Wave Principle to anticipate a change or pause in the trend. You'll also see what's likely next for Dash.


Why Does Europe Seem Like Such a Basket Case Right Now?

This eye-opening video goes beyond the financial markets. It hits at the heart of the question that bothers so many people today: Why does the "European experiment" appear to be failing? Watch our European Global Market Perspective contributor show you 10 charts you won't see anywhere else.

Coronavirus: Opportunities in the Chaos

Is the coronavirus really to blame for market mayhem? Might the chaos present opportunities for astute investors? EWI's Chief Asian-Pacific Analyst Mark Galasiewski and Socionomics Institute Director Matt Lampert explain how you can get answers.

Coronavirus: One reason NOT to Panic

Did you know that the largest two epidemics of the past two decades -- SARS and Swine Flu -- did not crash the stock market. In fact… well, we won't spoil the surprise. Watch our Asian-Pacific market expert, Mark Galasiewski, explain why the coronavirus outbreak may not be "bad news" for investors.

Junk Bonds: 2 “Golden” Junctures

The “golden ratio” is often found in the chart patterns of financial markets and often marks a key juncture. EWI’s Head of Global Research pinpoints not only one, but two “golden ratio” junctures in this chart.

How Ethereum Got its Groove Back: Elliott Wave Style

On the day of the low in Ethereum, our December 18 Currency Pro Service chart included a big "up" arrow, showing subscribers the bullish turn: Now see the forecast and major rally that followed.


GBPUSD: See What's Next for Cable

Now that Britain has officially left the European Union, what's next for the U.S. dollar vs. British pound? This forecast may surprise sterling skeptics -- watch our Currency Pro Service co-editor explain more. (You'll also get a forecast for Invesco CurrencyShares ETF, FXB.)


Deutsche Bank: Up 40%, But Don’t Rush to Thank “Restructuring”

DB's stock is up big off the recent lows. Experts will tell you -- that's because this global behemoth has been restructuring. But see a more illuminating answer in this chart published in our European Short Term Update.

New Global Opportunity: “3 Ways to Play China”

Most investors are not aware that there is a link between a nation’s stock market behavior and outbreaks of infectious disease. Yet, research provides evidence that this is so. Let’s now consider “3 Ways to Play China,” despite the coronavirus.

Citrix Soars to Record Highs and NO -- Earnings Were Not the Reason

Can a successful stock market forecast happen with no knowledge of a company's earnings? YES! Our October forecast for Citrix, for example. See the chart and forecast that called for a rally to new highs.

Cardano: After Five Up and Three Down, the Explosive Rally Followed

The altcoin Cardano showed a clear Elliott Wave pattern across 2019: 5 Up, 3 Down. This textbook move led our cryptocurrency analyst to feature Cardano in the December issue of Global Market Perspective. See what has followed so far in 2020.

What Elliott Waves Show You About Bond ETFs Right Now

Along with stock ETFs, bond ETFs are another popular investment tool. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain 5 key points about bond ETFs -- and show you what the clear Elliott wave picture in BND, a Vanguard ETF, suggest for bonds next.

Crude Oil Enters Bear Market: An (In)Convenient Coronavirus Truth?

The coronavirus is NOT "driving" crude oil's decline. On Jan. 21, Energy Pro Service warned of a pattern set to take oil prices below $50 per barrel. See it for yourself in Chart of the Day.

Australia's Housing Market Soars, the Fundamentals in Ashes

The traditional model of market analysis says, "bad news begets declines." See why that did not work for real estate in Australia -- and why the Elliott wave model did, for four years running.

New High in TSLA: Riding an Electric 200+% Move

Shares of Tesla (TSLA) just hit a record high. You'll find many opinions explaining the rally, after the fact. But what about before? Read these excerpts from our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast to see how we rode the 200+% move.

The Pattern in Bitcoin That Anticipated a Six Week, 40-PLUS Percent Gain

Since mid-December, Bitcoin has seen a major rally. But now see for yourself how this recent rally is connected to the even larger move that unfolded in the first half of 2019.