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Books about Deflation

  • The Trouble with Markets — Saving Capitalism from Itself

    Roger Bootle challenges readers to look at the deep causes of the current financial crisis, what went wrong and how to fix it. Bootle blames the crisis not on bankers and regulators, but on the idea that financial markets can be left alone. The book examines a host of critical questions, including what investors should […]

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  • The Death of Inflation — Surviving and Thriving in the Zero Era

    Imagine a world without inflation: prices rising in some years but falling in others; pay rising by 2 or 3% inthe good years, but static or falling in the bad ones; house prices are likely to fall as to rise; interest rates in the range of 2-4%. A purely imaginary world? No.

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  • Commerce, Complexity, and Evolution

    Commerce, Complexity, and Evolution is a significant contribution to the new paradigm straddling economics, finance, marketing, and management, which acknowledges that commercial systems are evolutionary systems, and must therefore be analysed using evolutionary tools. Evolutionary systems display complicated behaviours which are to a significant degree generated endogenously, rather than being solely the product of exogenous […]

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  • Debunking Economics: The Naked Emperor Dethroned?

    Debunking Economics exposes what many non-economists may have suspected and a minority of economists have long known: that economic theory is not only unpalatable, but also plain wrong. When the original Debunking Economics was published back in 2001, the market economy seemed invincible, and conventional “neoclassical” economic theory basked in the limelight. Steve Keen argued […]

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  • The Age of Deleveraging: Investment Strategies for a Decade of Slow Growth and Deflation

    Filled with in-depth insights and detailed advice, this timely guide lays out a convincing case for why investors need to be prepared for a long period of weak growth and deflation–not inflation–and what you can do to prosper during this time.

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  • Deflation: Why it’s coming, whether it’s good or bad, and how it will affect your investments, business, and personal affairs

    How will the coming deflation affect you? What strategies will work in the deflation years ahead? This book contains Investment Strategy for Deflation, 13 Elements Business Strategy for Deflation, 18 Elements Personal Strategy for Deflation, 269 Easy-to-Read Tables and Graphs.

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  • Money for Nothing: Real Wealth, Financial Fantasies and the Economy of the Future

    This title cuts through the hype of the internet revolution without denouncing its significance, it assesses the true nature of the intangible economy and shows that the changes in the world go right to the heart of economics – since what is changing is the very source of value and how it changes over time. […]

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  • Deflation: How to Survive and Thrive in the Coming Wave of Deflation

    Selected as one of the “Best Business Books of the Year” by Library Journal, Deflation provides tools for investors to protect their assets and invest profitably in deflationary times, a post-inflation economic environment that few of today’s investors have experienced­­ and even fewer understand. Lively and easy-to-understand, it tells investors how to recognize telltale signs […]

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