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Sneak Peek: The Socionomist - April 2019

Alyssa Hayden, director of the Socionomics Institute, introduces the April 2019 Socionomist.

The Market Wasn't Surprised by What the Fed Didn't Do

Who (or what) drives interest rates? Most investors, the financial media and Wall Street assume "the Fed does." Now see the crystal-clear facts and evidence that show otherwise.

A Question of Timing: Technical Vs. Fundamental Analysis

Technical analysis of the stock market is largely ignored by the financial press these days, despite evidence that this is a superior approach to fundamental analysis. See why that is, plus learn when you can expect technical analysis to make a return in popularity.

Chipotle Stock: Reading the "Clock" of Opportunity

Trader's Classroom subscribers were alerted well ahead of time that a potential big move was ahead in CMG (Chipotle Grill), days before it happened. See the forecast and "T14" pattern set-up that they saw.

Why Have Sedans "Slumped" and SUVs "Surged"? There is Indeed a Trend Behind the Trend

Major stock market trends don't happen in a vacuum -- the "trend behind the trend" is literally visible throughout the culture and economy. In this interview with Dana Weeks, Matt Lampert explains the trend in automobile styles.

Why Many Investors Want the "Happy Hour" Stock Market Tip

The typical investor does not form market views based on research but instead seeks the opinion of other market participants. Elliott wave patterns reflect shifts in crowd psychology before the herd joins in, thus giving independent investors an edge.

Litecoin's 2019 Comeback: "Halving" is Not the Whole Story

See the chart and forecast that anticipated the huge, month-long rise in the Litecoin cryptocurrency.

What Were YOU Reading When the Euro Peaked in 2018 – then Plunged For a Year?

In February 2018, euro-bullishness was everywhere: Traders, the media, Wall Street. Now watch Jim Martens show his charts & forecast that went against the herd.

The Euro's Near-Term Nosedive: Don't Blame the ECB

On February 28, our Currency Pro Services identified a major bearish set-up in the euro/US dollar price: See the chart for yourself -- and followed -- in this Chart of the Day.

What’s a "Closing Streak" – And Why You Should Watch for Them

The late legendary market analyst Paul Macrae Montgomery made a notable observation about stock market "closing streaks." Learn what they are, and why this observation is relevant now as you take a look at this chart...

FedEx (FDX): See Todd Gordon's LIVE Trade

It's easy to look at a price chart and say -- look, right here was a great opportunity!

See for Yourself: Stocks Don't CARE About the Fed.

This Chart of Day video uses recent analysis from our monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast to show you, simply, why making your investment decisions on the Fed's interest rates policy is not always wise.

Ahead of the Trend in Natural Gas - plus, Crude Oil Insights

EWI's Pro Services analyst Steve Craig talks with Dana Weeks about his recent natural gas forecast, and what to expect in crude oil prices.

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Greek Stocks: "A kick-off for revival?"

Are stocks in Greece near a bottom? Some signs suggest, yes. Learn more in this excerpt from our March 6 European Short Term Update.

"Outright Insanity" on Display in the Global Bond Market

Our Global Market Perspective has noted that "we've seen some bizarre behavior among bond market participants in recent years, but the current thirst to buy [these] debt instruments wins the prize." Find out what the Global Market Perspective is talking about as you look at this revealing chart...

Gold & Silver: Finding a Bottom in 2018 Despite a Strong Dollar

Precious metals were in the tank in mid-2018: conventional wisdom said the spiral down would continue. But now check out charts and forecast from that time, which offered a very different message for subscribers. See the outcome for yourself.

Trouble on the “Home” Front – What’s Next for Real Estate?

In this interview, EWI's Pro Services analyst Murray Gunn speaks with Dana Weeks about what’s really behind the turn in housing, and what may be next.

Here's the Consensus About a 2019 Recession

A survey of chief financial officers reveals a near unanimous opinion about the prospects for a recession this year. This consensus has piqued our interest. Here's why...