Bulgaria: Producer Price Deflation Deepens

The nation accumulated fiscal surpluses between 2004 and 2008, and the World Bank also says that Bulgaria reduced public debt from over 70 % of GDP in 2000 to 13.3 percent in 2008, the second lowest debt level in the EU.

But, since 2008, economic growth has been slow. Indeed, the southeastern European nation is now struggling with deflation.

A June 30 SeeNews article discusses Bulgaria's producer prices:

Bulgaria's annual producer price deflation deepened to 5.6% in May from 5.2% the month before, data from the National Statistics Institute (NSI) indicated on [June 30].
On a monthly comparison basis, producer prices rose 0.2% last month after falling 0.4% in April, the data showed.
On the domestic market, output prices fell 4.5% on the year and 0.1% on the month, while on foreign markets prices dropped 7.8% on the year and rose 1.0% on the month.

You will find a breakdown of Bulgarian producer prices by industry by following the link below: