Commodity Prices: “Calm Before Another Storm”

Recent reports about several companies which have experienced weaker earnings or sales blame lower commodity prices:

  • Taiga's (TBL) Q2 sales decreased 16% due to lower commodity prices (, Aug. 8)
  • Glencore earnings crash on commodity prices (, Aug. 7)
  • Low commodity prices hammer hauler revenues (, Aug. 6)
  • Subdued commodity prices take a toll on Vedanta; stock hits 52-week lows (Business Standard, Aug. 5)
  • Shell (RDS.A) Q2 Earnings Miss as Commodity Prices Fall (Yahoo Finance, Aug. 1)

Yet, commodity prices have been trending lower for years now.

Here's a chart and commentary from EWI's August Global Market Perspective:


This chart showing the decline in worldwide commodity prices makes a mockery of the efforts of central banks to induce inflation. In fact, the CRB index peaked at an all-time high of 471 in July 2008, and, after a countertrend peak in 2011, the index sank nearly 60% into its February 2016 bottom. Over the course of 2019, crude oil prices have dropped more than 17%. Natural gas prices are off nearly 20%. And propane prices have plunged an incredible 47%. The CRB index has traded sideways over the past two years, but it's probably the calm before another storm.

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