How Some NFL Franchises Are Playing Defense Against Deflation

NFL football ticket prices and game attendance may be indicators of the whole economy.

In some big cities, weaker professional football attendance has coincided with the weaker economy, forcing NFL franchises to lower the price of tickets.

A Yahoo Finance article reports that ticket prices for Atlanta Falcons' home games are down 8.1% this season. Overall, NFL game attendance has fallen 4.5% since 2007.

The chief market strategist at an investment advisory firm is quoted in the article.

"The upper-end consumer is still retrenching, they're still pulling back. They haven't felt the burst of either better employment numbers or better income and they're actually attending fewer games." ...

[He] points out that 10 teams lowered ticket prices this year "because they see that attendance numbers are actually slowly creeping downward." For him, a broad-based increase in attendance, particularly in the housing-hammered areas of the south and southwest, would clearly imply an uptick in confidence.

"We worry about deflation, Ben Bernanke worries about deflation, as it turns out, a lot NFL stadiums and NFL team owners are thinking deflation as well," he says. With one taking action via lowering rates, while the others take action by lowering prices.

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