Latin America: These Nations Show "Subdued Inflation"

Inflation is conspicuous by its absence.

It's nowhere to be found around the globe except in a few outlier nations like Venezuala and Zimbabwe.

This is remarkable considering all the stimulus programs that were instituted by various nations in the wake of the Great Recession.

The January 2015 Elliott Wave Theorist noted:

Economists and inflation forecasters have insisted all along [that] central banking guarantees deflation is impossible.

Yet, inflation forecasters might want to question their belief that central banks are all-powerful.

As a March 7, 2019 CNBC article noted:

The Federal Reserve has been locked in a years long battle to generate inflation following the financial crisis.

Fed officials are concerned... about the lack of inflation.

Indeed, Elliott Wave International analysts posit that deflation will be the "next big monetary event," not inflation.

All-out deflation has yet to arrive. But one thing's for sure, inflation remains globally subdued, including in Latin America. Take a look at this chart from a July 27 Bloomberg article:


The chart speaks for itself. Yet, you may want more insight into why Elliott Wave International anticipates deflation, despite the inflationary efforts of central banks.

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