Puerto Rico: Even Zoo Animals Are Affected by Deflation

Chapter 22 in the 2002 book Conquer the Crash is titled "Should You Rely on Government to Protect You?" Here's an excerpt:

Don’t expect government services to remain at their current levels. The ocean of money required to run the union- bloated, administration-stultified public school systems will be unavailable in a depression. School districts will have to adopt cost-cutting measures, and most of them will result in even worse service. Encourage low-cost free-market solutions, which will benefit both children and teachers. The tax receipts that pay for roads, police and jails, fire departments, trash pickup, emergency (911) monitoring, water systems and so on will fall to such low levels that services will be restricted.

Today, in Puerto Rico, the question about government protection during an economic crisis extends to animals.

Read this excerpt from an Aug. 28 Associated Press article:

Puerto Rico's governor said Aug. 28 that he is evaluating whether to close the island's only zoo as he announced that 11 animals will be transferred elsewhere following concerns for their wellbeing amid an economic crisis.

The announcement was made after a puma died over the weekend, the latest death at a zoo flagged for dozens of violations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Gov. Ricardo Rossello said his administration is investigating whether the Dr. Juan A. Rivero zoo is properly taking care of its animals as it struggles with understaffing and a limited budget. …

Rossello said that the zoo's sole elephant will be transferred to a sanctuary in Georgia and that the transfer of 10 felines including pumas, tigers and lions will be overseen by sanctuaries in Colorado and Minnesota. …

The zoo's sole veterinarian … did not return a call for comment.

The zoo has come under increased scrutiny following complaints about the condition of animal enclosures and the deaths of a tiger and five lion cubs earlier this year, among other things. Nearly 25,000 people from Puerto Rico and elsewhere have signed a petition demanding the zoo be closed.

You can read the entire article by following the link below:

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